Join our professional team and learn how to make motion pictures with the highest quality for all platforms

• 2 to 4 weeks starting 3rd of April – day and evening classes
• Professional mentorship
• Full access to industry standard filmmaking equipment
• Cooperation with leading Swedish filmmaking companies

Program description

The on-going change of consumption of Internet content – from reading text to watching video clips and films – will create a big need for people with skills and knowledge within filmmaking; short instructional videos and commercials, newscast and YouTube videos is taking the lead on how we receive information.

This is a theoretical and practical program geared to educating film directors and film producers and anyone who wants to immerse themselves in filmmaking through filmmaking’s various components: composition, camera angles, classic filmmaking shots, power shots, acting techniques, film rhetoric, scriptwriting, screenplay, dramaturgy and production of commercials.
Giving you the necessary tools to begin your professional short film and commercial production.
Futurefilms programs will teach you from day 1 to differentiate between amateur filmmaking and professional looking films.


Full access to industry standard film equipment

ARRI Alexa and Blackmagic cameras are used in all major film productions around the world.
The following productions have been filmed with the same high-quality cameras that you as a student at Futurefilms have access to:


Program content

• Film history 1#: Intro. to Film History and deep film analysis
• Cinematography/Film Language #1
• Camera handling #1: Images in motion
• Acting technique #1: Stage and Film Acting
• Film Equipment #1: film lighting, film lenses, filters
• Film pre-production #1: film scripts, technical scripts, storyboards for feature films and commercials, locations and casting
• Film Production #1: On-set shooting with RAW, Black Magic CC & ARRI Alexa
• Shooting with RAW #1: Introduction and workflow
• Post-production #1: Intro. to After Effects & film distribution
• Visual rhetoric for commercials #1: Introduction
• How to produce a professional music videos with professional artists(4 weeks course)
• Pre production, production, live shooting of music videos with actors and extras (4 weeks course)


Objectives and learning goals
• To learn the different film elements used in film language
• Taking into account the light in filmmaking and composition
• Developing talent in filmmaking in the documentary, feature films and commercials
• Mastering the acting technique using professional league actors and directors
• Different lighting applications used on television, film and commercials
• Participate in a film crew producing a film with industry standard RAW format
• Write scripts with various dramaturgical models
• At the end of the program you will have produced: One professionally made commercial, one own directed short film.
• Learn how to achieve tempo, rhythm and industry standard visual effects within a music video production

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DatumFeb 27, 2017
  • Futurefilms

  • Pris: 12 000 SEK (2w) 19 000 SEK (4w) / evening courses 10 000 (2w) 16 000 (4w)
  • Kursstart: 03 Apr
  • Utbildningsort: Stockholm
Övrig information
• Full-time 2 or 4 weeks film programs
• 20h of lessons per week
• Lectures from achieved guest speakers
• 10h of coaching per week
• Small groups
• Students receive written material and his own film production shot in RAW
• Test shooting of 16 mm. Movie (silent film)
• How to shoot a TV & Film commercial
• All programs are imparted in three languages; English, Swedish and Spanish
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