ChangeMaker Blogg

27 Feb 2017

Welcome to our 2nd Open House 2017


You are all welcome to join us at House of Change 2/3 17:00-20 at House of Change (Åsögatan 117).

We will talk about all our programs but will focus on our 2 programs that are starting this year the 11th of September:

  • Futuregames – Speldesign
  • Futuregames – 3D grafik

We will also make it available to play some of our students game projects to get a taste of what to come. Make sure to ask one of our students how it is to study at Futuregames.


17:00 – Doors open
17:30 – Futuregames Crew tells you more about our Futuregames program and what to expect in House of Change 2017
18:30 – Q&A with Futuregames Crew and networking with students
20:00 – End of event

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