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Futuregames Games Marketer – Diplomkurs – Online

Futuregames Games Marketer is a 15 week online diploma course (75 % speed) to prepare anyone working within communications and marketing for a role in the fast growing gaming industry. This is an unique opportunity to sharpen your skills and develop new competences within games marketing. Apply before the 24th of August!

The Swedish gaming industry is growing fast, and the need for marketers and communication professionals with relevant knowledge within the field is big. Grow your skill set and gain new competences within games marketing this fall! Apply for Futuregames Games Marketer by August 24th. 

Futuregames Games Marketer is a new diploma course developed in close collaboration with the Swedish Gaming industry – to give you the skill set you need to start working within marketing and communications at a gaming studio or other games related company. The course is designed for anyone working within communications or marketing today, looking to enter the gaming industry and related fields. Upon completion you’ll be an attractive new key player for one of the many gaming companies in Sweden and beyond.

The games industry in Sweden increased with 33 % in 2018, and is set to keep on growing. Swedish gaming studios are in need of more games marketing talent to keep on growing and competing globally, but are currently having a hard time finding the right skill set in Sweden.

Changemaker Educations and Futuregames, together with partnering gaming studios, are proud to present a new 15 week online diploma course in Games Marketing. The first of its kind in Sweden. Futuregames Games Marketer is a higher vocational education (YH-utbildning) and students are eligible to CSN.


Gain new skills within games marketing

By attending Futuregames Games Marketer you will learn more about the gaming industry, games marketing and gamification as a communications method. You’ll learn hands-on from industry professionals about Brand and Product marketing within the gaming industry, the importance of User Acquisition strategies and consumer insight methodologies, as well as App Store Search Optimization (ASO) to grow a gaming app’s success on mobile app stores. At the end of the course, you’ll work on putting together a marketing plan for a game to showcase your new knowledge within games marketing, and will get coaching and feedback directly from industry professionals.

The course will be held remotely with lectures and coaching available online. Two online lectures will be held each week, and study groups consisting of 3-4 students will be set up to work on course assignments throughout the course. At the start of the course, individual study plans will be set up for each student. The course ends with one to two days of presentations, coaching and a wrap-up at our school on Södermalm in Stockholm. (Disclaimer: the physical meetup at the end of the course might change as a result of new recommendations from the public health authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten)). 

Upskilling for communication professionals 

This course is aimed at those already working within communications and/or marketing, but that want to take the next step with a focus on game related industries. While many communication professionals are seeing less working opportunities as a result of the pandemic, and may be standing without a job or assignment, the gaming industry is thriving and in need of more talent.

Futuregames Games Marketer is an opportunity to prepare you for the gaming industry as a valuable employee and / or consultant. After fifteen weeks you’ll have gained new competence within gaming industry methodologies and roles such as ”Product Marketing”, ”User Acquisition” and ”App Store Optimization”.

”The Swedish video game industry is vibrant, diverse, and growing, and Swedish gaming companies need more diverse marketing talent to support local and international growth. Today, there are not enough marketers with gaming industry experience in Sweden, which means that for Star Stable, we frequently fill our marketing team with experienced talent from abroad. The global video game market is trending to a $160 Billion industry over the next year with Sweden having more than 300 game development studios that create content for global audiences. Building a larger, more experienced gaming marketing talent eco-system in Sweden is a great opportunity for the industry”.

– Tabitha Hayes, Chief Marketing Officer, Star Stable Entertainment.

Futuregames has been named the second best school in the world within game development two years straight by The Rookies. Now we are expanding our focus to cover more key roles within the gaming industry. The need of more games marketing professionals has been attested by marketing professionals at leading gaming studios such as Star Stable, Avalanche Studios Group, Paradox Interactive, Raw Fury and Fast Travel Games.

Futuregames Games Marketer offers you:

  • Online education – with an on-site meetup at the end of the course at one of our hubs/schools in Stockholm, Boden, Karlstad or Skellefteå
  • Inspirational lectures by gaming industry professionals
  • Training material
  • Mentoring by people in the industry

Course Plan:  

  • Introduction to the Gaming Industry, Games Marketing and Gamification, 5 YHP
  • Brand and Product Marketing, 10 YHP
  • UA / User Acquisition & Consumer insight, 10 YHP
  • ASO – App Store Search Optimization, 10 YHP
  • Project – Marketing Plan, 15 YHP

After completion of the course, you will have new competence and skills in: 

  • Methods and tools related to the role as Games Marketer within the gaming industry
  • The use of product and user analysis within the gaming industry
  • Knowledge to develop marketing messages and activities adapted to target audiences
  • The use of App Store Search Optimization to increase a game’s or other app’s searchability and conversation rate on mobile market places
  • The ability to develop and implement marketing plans for a game or other game related product

What do I need to apply?

Since the lectures will be in English, Eng 6 / B or equivalent knowledge is required.

Furthermore, at least two years of related professional experience is required to be accepted to the course. By related we mean experience within the communication and / or marketing field.

Please upload your diploma from high school, CV / personal letter or any other certificates that shows your experience within communications and/ or marketing.

Special test for selection of applicants 

If the amount of eligible applicants exceeds the amount of available seats on the course, a selection will be made based on a special test (särskilt prov) consisting of 6 questions.

The test is voluntary and will be scored. Answering the below questions will increase your chances of being admitted to the education. We currently have 30 available seats. The test consists of six questions and is a self assessment. Think about your past experiences and knowledge that is relevant for the course. The written test can give a maximum of 30 points.

The written test is uploaded together with your application at YH-antagning.se as a PDF and should be named as follows: firstname_lastname

Good luck!


Your answers should be as short and insightful as possible. A maximum of half an A4 per questions and a maximum of five (5) pages in total (with a font size of 11 points). If there are areas you have not been in contact with earlier, you don’t need to answer that/those question(s).

  1. What past experience / knowledge do you have of games and/or gamification?
  2. What past experience / knowledge do you have of marketing strategies?
  3. What past experience / knowledge do you have of product analysis?
  4. What past experience / knowledge do you have of marketing analysis?
  5. What past experience / knowledge do you have of App Store Search Optimization and/or Search Engine Optimization?
  6. Why do you want to be accepted to ’Games Marketer’ at Changemaker Educations / Futuregames?

If you have any questions, please send an email to me; emelie@cmeducations.se and I will help you!

Futuregames Games Marketer – Diplomkurs – Online

YH-poäng: 50
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Kursstart: 31/08/2020
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Online Education
15 weeks
CSN - Eligible
50 YHP
Last application date: 24/08/2020