Web Development within E-commerce

The field of E-Commerce is growing exponentially, in Sweden as well as worldwide, and today 9 out of 10 Swedes say that they use online services to buy their products. Since e-commerce is increasingly becoming the natural choice, both traditional and e-commerce companies need to employ web developers with focus on the customer journey and UX (user experience). Dynamic front end development, mobile first, responsive design and UX are important core competencies for a web developer within e-commerce. But maybe most importantly – speed. Do you want to start your career in the E-commerce field? Our higher vocational program “Web Development within E-commerce” is your first step into an exciting and future oriented market.

More information in Swedish, and information about applications as a Swedish national:
Apply for Stockholm here: Webbutvecklare e-handel Stockholm
Apply for Boden here: Webbutvecklare e-handel Boden

E-commerce companies need your competence and skills

By learning “Web Development within E-commerce” you acquire a very desirable and competitive profile on the job market. You will also get a good overview of the e-commerce industry, influential market players and cooperations. You will learn dynamic front end development with focus on coding, programming, design and the mobile first approach. You will learn how to work and develop with the customer’s experience and needs in focus (UX/UI). You will learn how to work with e-commerce platforms, web servers and system integrations. You will learn to build responsive websites for all devices and set up systems in order to support today’s E-commerce.

25% LIA (internship)

As a part of the education you will get the opportunity to do your LIA (internship) at leading companies in the industry. The internship deepens and broadens your learning and will get you the experience you need to land your dream job. You will be a part of developing and even affect today’s and tomorrow’s e-commerce platforms. During your studies you will be able to grow your network of potential employers, and the best time is during your LIA. We cooperate with leading companies for internships, projects, industry events, lectures and recruitment, such as; Nordic Web Team, Star Republic, Cloudnine, Claremont, Columbus, Lybe, Netrelations, Tretton37, Ninetech, Webular, Opacity, Sphinxley.

Study period, Graduation and Diploma

The school is responsible for the planning, execution and evaluation of your education. As a student you will always have support and a contact that will coordinate your education and your personal plan during your two years at school. After your graduation you will receive a diploma from Changemaker Educations.

Employment after your graduation

To work as a “Web Developer within E-commerce” means to build, improve and develop new websites, web shops, e-commerce platforms and functionalities. This program gives you the tools to understand today’s online market and to be a part of the e-commerce of tomorrow.

Some examples of work roles:

  • Web Developer
  • E-commerce Developer
  • Web Programmer
  • Web Designer
  • Web Application Developer
  • Project Manager Web/E-commerce

Board of Education for Web Developer E-commerce

Your education has a “Board of Education” that ensures that the industry contacts, development and quality is up to date throughout the entire educational process. We find student influence very important and therefore two students per class are included in the Board of Education as representatives. The Board of Education meets twice every semester and include work groups for different areas, for example outdated and updated technologies, events and internship. The Board of Education consists of representatives from the industry, school management, general education and the students. Members gain full insight into the education and on-going projects. One of the most important roles of the Board of Education is to secure that the education includes the competence and the knowledge areas equivalent to the needs of the work market.