Arctic Hospitality Leader

Learn "Hospitality Management" along with entrepreneurship and leadership. The tourism industry in Swedish Lapland is growing strongly. We need your hospitality and your skills to proudly and carefully show the world all the unique experiences to be made in Swedish Lapland. 

Swedish Lapland - magical experiences in a genuine environment! 

An exciting and important professional role awaits!


Arctic Hospitality Leader gives you the skills to become the leader of a new generation or, a service star in the hospitality industry. It gives you the opportunity to develop and have a career, in an industry that will soon be in great need of your skills. The education is linked to the hospitality industry and its a completely unique experiences in Swedish Lapland. It is carried out in close collaboration with companies in the region. 


On our campus in Boden Business Park, you will live in direct connection to the school. 


Sustainable Arctic experiences 

The entire education is permeated by sustainability for people, animals and nature. Ecotourism, nature tourism and an interpretive perspective are key words throughout your education. This runs through the entire stage in the hospitality industry – from the guest’s first thought of a visit to the region to the follow-up, after the transaction has ended. 


Examples of course subjects are: 




    Digital Marketing 

    Revenue Management 



If you are the next generation leader or service star, do not hesitate to submit an application! 


Educational structure   

The education is a full-time education where two days a week are carried out physically in the classroom at Boden Business Park in Sävast, Boden. At other times, group work and individual tasks are carried out in the classroom or at a distance. 


25% Internship 

The entire education is carried out in collaboration with the hospitality industry in Swedish Lapland. As an important part of the education, you undertake an internship period (LIA) the last semester, which makes up about 25% of the education. This will help you build networks and create relationships with future employers already during your studies. 


Examples of partners who want to receive our interns are Lapland Resorts (Björkliden, Riksgränsen), Arctic Adventure, Western Farm, Icehotel, Skicamp Storklinten, Bodens camping & Bad, Brändögruppen, Arctic Bath, Arctic Inbound, Arctic Retreat, Aurora Safari Camp, Treehotel, Hide & See, Hotel Bodensia, Kukkolaforsen, Nordpoolen, Pure Lapland, Sörby Turism & Konferens and many more. 


The Public Health Agency’s guidelines for Covid-19 

We follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s guidelines and will quickly switch to online education if required. 


Course Syllabus 

Entrepreneurship 15YHP / 3v 

Event 10YHP / 2v 

Sustainable hospitality industry 15YHP / 3v 

International visitor 15YHP / 3v 

Regional hospitality industry 5YHP / 1v 

Security 10YHP / 2v 

Hotel, Logistics, Food & Beverage 20YHP / 4v 

Leadership 15YHP / 3v 

Digital marketing 20YHP / 4v 

Project management 20YHP / 4v 

Revenue Management 15YHP / 3v 

Service and hospitality 20YHP / 4v 

Master thesis 20YHP / 4v 

LIA (Learning in Work, internship) 100YHP / 20v 



Most semesters differ in length. Hence, it is important that you report the correct time period and the correct YH points to CSN. Each study week corresponds to five (5) yh-points, and each day corresponds to one (1) yh-points, provided that you continuously pass your courses with approved results. 


Fall term 22 

September – December 

Spring Term 23 


Fall term 23 




Application, selection and admission 

The application is normally open from February to May but can be extended if there are places left. You click on the ”apply now” button on the website. Then you will be transferred to our admission system. Here you fill in all the information and upload the documents needed for your application to be complete, such as high school diplomas, work certificates, CVs and selection tests. Then you will receive a confirmation from us. 


Selection test and admission notice 

If we receive more applications than we have spots available, a selection process will take place where your admission test will be assessed on a score. You will find the admission test when you click on the ”apply here” button. Applicants with the highest score are offered a spot on the program and other eligible applicants are transferred to a list for reserves. Normally, you will receive an admission notice or notice that you’re a listed as a reserve via email before midsummer. You need to send us a confirmation within five working days to keep your place. 




Eligibility and the 20% rule 

If you have a high school diploma with English 6 and Swedish 1 you are welcome to apply. IMPORTANT! Corresponding knowledge can be obtained in many different ways, you may have studied further or worked with English as a corporate language. You can also apply according to the 20% rule if you do not have a high school diploma. Call or email and we will tell you more. See contact information at the bottom of the page under ”utbildningsledare”. 



YH educations lead to jobs, according to statistics, 9 out of 10 get employment after graduation. Your skills profile and new job role are sought after in the labor market. Every year, Changemaker Educations measures how many have been employed six (6) months after graduation and reports the results to MYH (Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education).


Examples of professional roles for this degree are: 

    Hotel Manager 

    Conference Manager / Responsible 

    Booking Manager 

    Reception Manager / Manager 

    Destination Developer 


    Project Manager 

    Business Developer 

    Tourist Guide 

    Travel Agent 

    Sales and Marketing Manager 


When it comes to salary and career, we recommend that you keep track of the Swedish Lönebarometern, industry organisations or the trade unions. 



The education is CSN-eligible. You contact CSN yourself with a request for study grants. Go to 


As soon as you have received your admission letter, you can apply for study grants from CSN. If you need a certificate from the school, contact your education leader. The school regularly reports to CSN that you are completing your studies. You will receive your YH points continuously after approval 


courses and is thereby entitled to continued student support. If you do not complete your studies, you need to notify CSN immediately. The agreement between you and CSN is not something that the school is responsible for, but we are happy to help you when you need a certificate or have questions. Contact your training leader. 



The education has a board that ensures quality and makes decisions about admission and examination. The management group meets twice per semester. One or more students are part of the management group and represent everyone who attends the program. 


The management group consists of representatives from the business community, the school management, the public school system, the university / college, the industry organizations and the students. One of the management group’s tasks is to ensure that the education covers the skills and areas of knowledge that correspond to the needs of the labour market. 


    Petter Nyberg, Visita (Restaurant CG) 

    David Wellborg, Piteå Municipality 

    Britta Jonsson Lindvall, Treehotel 

    Rikard Westerberg, Swedish Lapland 

    Robert Westin, Arctic Adventure 

    Fredrik Broman, Arctic Getaways 

    Martin Spolander, Kukkokolaforsen Turist & Konferens 

    Barbro Gustavsson, Quality Hotel Bodensia 

    Rickard Mattsson, Företagarna Boden 

    Lars Lindberg, Regional Manager Företagarna Norrbotten 

    Göran Widen, Brändögruppen 

    Jenny Edfeldt, Elite Hotel Luleå 

    Per Myrén, Changemaker Educations AB 

    Jörgen Nordqvist, Boden Municipality