Agile Project Leader

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Grow your leadership and project management skills with Agile methods

Learn how to use agile methodologies, project management, and leadership essentials in a dynamic course led and mentored by industry-leading professionals.

This 15-week course is going to take you to a new place in your career.

You will learn how to run and lead projects through the Agile method.


You will learn everything from:

  • Lead a project from beginning to end, managing stakeholders, and risk.
  • Agile values and principles.
  • Agile methods like SCRUM, Kanban, and Lean Start-up.
  • Value-driven delivery.
  • Tools to navigate in complexity.
  • Different leadership models, feedback, and how to handle conflicts.


Whether you want to work as an agile project leader or not, by the end of this course, you will still be armed with plenty of new tools and skills that will help you pave your way forward in your career.


The course runs for 15 weeks and comprises three-course modules: Project Management, Agile Management, and Project Leadership. These can be taken separately or combined as Agile Project Leader.


If you chose to take the courses separately with tutoring the cost is:

Project management 6.500 SEK
Agile management 10.000 SEK
Project leadership 6.500 SEK


Added Value

Since all material is going to be pre-recorded and available from March 14, there is also a possibility to take these courses without tutoring.
In that case, one will get access to all pre-recorded material, be able to study at one’s own pace, and when done – take a test to qualify and be given a course certificate.


Our Learning Methodology

At Changemaker Educations we believe in the “learning-by-doing” methodology. Learn hands-on from industry experts and gain valuable insights and experience through peer-to-peer collaboration and relevant assignments.


The Agile Project Leader course is fully remote and welcomes both national and international students.



Gain access to pre-recorded lessons for each course module, brought to you straight by industry professionals.



Live sessions with tutors, mentors, and peers.


Plan your own time

The Agile Project Leader course runs remotely at a 25% study pace, and we estimate you will need roughly 15-20 hours per week to complete the course.


The course will contain a mix of pre-recorded knowledge hub sessions, scheduled live sessions, individual assignments, and group projects.


• Lead a waterfall project from beginning to end
• Manage stakeholders
• Prepare a waterfall project plan
• Identify and manage risk
• Execute the plan and keep it on track
• Close out the project and capture lessons learned
 Agile values and principles
 The most common agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban and Lean Start-up
 Team velocity
 Value driven delivery
 Agile roles and responsibilities
 Knowing the users and have them participate actively
 Tracking progress
 Tools and techniques in agile projects
• Needs on a personal basis and in the team
• FIRO (Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation)
• Effective meetings
• Feedback
• “Standard roles”
• How to handle conflicts
• Robert Plutchik: The wheel of emotions
• Howard Gardner: IQ and EQ in our leadership
• Different leadership models
• Fear as an emotional trigger
• The reflexive, feeling, and thinking brain
• Fight, flight, or freeze reaction


No pre-requisites are needed to apply for this course, nor to apply for any of the course modules individually.



The course is 15 weeks long and starts on the 14 of March until the 22 of June 2022.

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Apply by clicking on the link here and filling out the application form.


The application should contain:


– Your name, email, address, your country of residence, and years worked with project management and/or IT industry

– Links to your LinkedIn and/or portfolio website and CV


You will receive an invoice following your admission letter, the course fee is to be paid prior to the starting date.


For any further questions about the course please contact us at


Agile methods are not just used exclusively in the IT industry, SaaS companies, and the tech world. In recent years, it has been utilized more and more in banking, finance, insurance, and manufacturing companies such as Scania. Public agencies have also started to use agile methods on a larger scale.


This training will sharpen your toolbox with highly attractive skills and allow you to pave the way forward in your career. Project management and leadership are always good skills to have in an increasingly digitalized labor market. At present, the agile approach is used in workplaces such as Volvo, Ikea, Ikano bank, Electrolux as well as in many other organizations.

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